There’s a saying that goes, “Love your body, it’s the only one you have,” and we couldn’t agree more. Taking some time to embrace and care for your body nurtures a positive relationship with yourself and promotes an overall sense of well-being and confidence. These are all important factors to help you live your best life and feel physically and mentally strong enough to thrive every day. 

But the truth is, we all have moments of self-doubt or periods of time where we pick ourselves apart and focus on all the negatives (Reminder: Comparing yourself to others on social media is never a good idea!)

When this happens, it’s important to challenge the negative thoughts that fuel self-doubt, as they’re often based on assumptions and fears. Also take a moment to remind yourself of past accomplishments, aiming to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. Sharing your feelings with friends and loved ones can also offer you a fresh perspective and encourage you to focus on the good.

Here are 6 simple ways to love your body and be happy:

1 Take a moment to self-reflect

At the end of each day – or whenever you’re feeling inspired, reflect on where you’re at right now. Self-reflection is essential for personal growth and development as it allows you to gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, fostering greater self-awareness. By understanding your strengths and areas for improvement, you can make positive changes and cultivate a more fulfilling life.

2 Enjoy walking

woman walking

According to a report by Harvard Health, regular walking has plenty of benefits including boosting your mood, curbing your sweet tooth, reducing your risk of cancer, helping to keep your weight in check, and maintaining a strong cardiovascular and immune system. All-in-all, we’d agree that it’s a great activity for your mental and physical health.

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3 Practice self-affirmations daily

Praising yourself in front of the mirror every day might feel a little silly at first, but at Tululla – our mantra is that you should start each day with three simple, yet powerful words: “I am beautiful. Soon enough you’ll not only believe it but start to feel it too.”

Here are three more powerful affirmations to repeat daily:

  • "My body is unique and beautiful, and I embrace it with love and gratitude every day."
  • "I am more than just my appearance; my worth is not defined by societal standards. I honor and cherish my body for the incredible vessel it is."
  • "I am deserving of self-care and kindness. I love and accept myself fully, embracing every curve and imperfection with compassion and confidence."

4 Eat the rainbow

colourful salad bowl

Eating the rainbow, with your plate packed with a colorful array of fruits and vegetables, is a wonderful way to take care of your health for many reasons! These vibrant foods offer a diverse range of nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, supporting your overall well-being.

Plus, their antioxidant power helps protect your body from harm, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and promoting a healthy gut, heart, skin, and weight. Enjoying a variety of colors on your plate every day is one way to get in the vitamins and minerals you need. However, if you’re looking to take your beauty wellness routine to the next level and fill in any nutritional gaps (because it’s not always possible to eat copious amounts of spinach, broccoli and other superfoods), then we have just the thing.

Our beauty infused COLLAGEN is not only packed with essential amino acids, a wide range of antioxidants and the purest hydrolysed collagen on the market (for healthy skin, hair and bones), just one scoop contains 25+ beauty-loving nutrients including hyaluronic acid as well as a wide range of superfoods like berries and pomegranate for a real nutrient boost.

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5 Prioritize sleep!

We know you’ve heard it before, and you may think sleep is overrated but the truth is, getting sufficient sleep is one of the most effective ways to love your body – as Matt Walker explains in one of the most popular TED talks ever to be aired, “Sleep Is Your Super Power” which has an incredible 10 million views.

Walker discusses the multitude of benefits of getting sufficient sleep, along with the concerning consequences of sleep deprivation, affecting both the brain and body. In the video, you'll discover how sleep influences learning, memory, the immune system, and even your genetic code. Spoiler alert – sleep is crucial for overall well-being as it allows the body and brain to rest, repair, and recharge, promoting optimal physical and mental health.

6 Stress less

Easier said than done, we know – but too much stress (and raised cortisol levels) is really not good for you. Here’s why:

Stress affects your:

  • Physical health: Chronic stress can lead to various health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, and digestive problems.
  • Mental health: Prolonged stress can contribute to anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.
  • Cognitive function: Stress impairs memory, focus, and decision-making abilities, affecting your overall cognitive function and productivity.
  • Quality of Life: Experiencing constant stress can diminish your overall quality of life and can have a negative effect on your relationships, work performance, and enjoyment in daily activities.

Here are a few ways to prioritize your well-being and keep your stress levels in check:

  • Practice deep breathing. This helps to calm the nervous system and reduce tension in the body.
  • Prioritize regular exercise. Swimming, cycling or even short walks can release endorphins, improving mood and reducing stress levels.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to stay present, manage stress, and promote relaxation. Yoga is a great activity to practice a few times a week.

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